Updating the Destination Configuration

You can modify your Destination settings post-Pipeline creation using the Hevo API. For example, you may have changed the password for your Destination warehouse, and you need to update that password in Hevo. Read Update Destination configurations for more information about the endpoint that you can use.

To make the API request, you need to provide the Basic token, which is the combination of your API Secret and Key from your API credentials. Read Generating your API credentials.

Basic token

Once you provide the Basic token in the Authorization header of the request, you can specify the Destination name and the required configuration settings in the API request body.

The following is an example of updating the Google BigQuery Destination configuration using Hevo API. To use this script:

Replace the placeholder values in the commands with your own. For example, replace <bucket_name> with customer_goods.

Use the Get Destination API endpoint to get your OAuth or Service account ID. Specify the required account ID depending on your authentication method, and remove the other account ID parameter from the API request body.

curl --request PUT \
     --url https://us.hevodata.com/api/public/v2.0/destinations/110 \ # replace "110" with the ID of your Destination
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
     "name": "<Google BigQuery Destination>",
     "config": {
          "bucket": "<bucket_name>",
          "oauth_account_id": <0>,
          "project_id": "<project_id>",
          "dataset_name": "<dataset_name>",
          "service_account_id": <0>