Base URLs

The base URL you use to interact with the Hevo API depends on the region in which your Hevo account is created.

For example, if your account is in the Asia (asia) region, the base URL in your requests would be:

Tip: Use the Base URL drop-down in the right bar to select the region. The default selection is based on the Hevo account you are logged in with.

Base URL selection

Refer to the following table to know the corresponding base URL.

Data Pipeline RegionHevo API Base URL
Asia (ap-southeast-1)
Australia (ap-southeast-2)
Europe (eu-central-1)
India (ap-south-1)
US (us-east-1)
US2 (us-west-2)
US GCP (us-east4)


If you use an incorrect URL, the API response returns a 4xx error.