API Response Codes

Hevo uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. The response codes available for an endpoint are listed in its detailed view. When you try out an endpoint, the response also mentions the associated code.

Response Code List

Use the following as a quick reference for understanding the API response:

Response Code RangeDescription
2xxThe API request was successful.
4xxThere is an error in the request. For example, the request body is not formed correctly, or the API access token is invalid. The exact response code provides more detail.
5xxThere is a problem with Hevo’s servers. This is a rare occurrence.
Contact Hevo Support if you get a response code in this range.

The following is the list of response codes based on the API method:

Method: GET

Success Response Codes

Status CodeTextDescription
200AcceptedThe request was successful and data has been returned.
204No contentThe request was successful, and there was no data to be returned.

Method: POST

Success Response Codes

Status CodeTextDescription
200NAA generic success response that contains some data in the response body.
201CreatedA new entity was created. The response body contains the newly created data.
204No contentThe action performed was successful, and there was no data to be returned.

Method: PUT

Success Response Codes

Status CodeTextDescription
200AcceptedThe data was successfully updated and relevant data was returned in response.
204No contentThe request was successful and no data was expected to be returned.

Method: DELETE

Success Response Codes

Status CodeTextDescription
204No contentThe entity was deleted successfully, or the entity was already deleted.

Method: All Methods

Error Response Codes

Status CodeTextDescription
400Bad requestThe request was unacceptable, often due to incorrect parameters or a missing required parameter.
401UnauthorizedThe API key and secret is not valid.
403ForbiddenThe user associated with the authenticating API key does not have permissions to perform the API request.
404Not foundThe requested resource does not exist.
500, 502, 503, 504Server errorsSomething went wrong at Hevo's end.

(A rare occurrence!)

4xx and 5xx Error Response Attributes

AttributeData TypeDescription
error_codenumberA unique code for an individual error type.
error_ticketnumberAn optional identifier used by Hevo for logging.
error_messagestringA human-readable message providing details about the error.
successbooleanAn indicator specifying whether the request was successful or not. This is always false in case of failures.